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We’re not a fan of the word agency, but that’s technically what we are so we’ll own it. What we are fans of, is learning the ins and outs of how your business operates and then relentlessly improving the impact on your business digitally (and many times traditionally).

We’re located downtown Columbus, Ohio. We love Columbus because it’s a growing city and while we continue to grow, we have more and more neighbors to share and consult with for a variety of needs. Columbus, OH is also home to dozens of marketing agencies from print, video, branding, design, digital, development, analytics, and more. It’s been nice to grow alongside some trusted partners here in the city where our clients locally and nationally can benefit from the collaboration we have far outside of our wheelhouse.

Online and Offline Digital Marketing

Flywheel Advertising’s expertise is deeply rooted in paid advertising. Years of managing campaigns bound to customer acquisition cost targets and scale requiring experience across platforms to deliver. This is where we cut our teeth. The numbers don’t lie. It became more than managing spends across platforms, however.

Customer acquisition cost targets rely on all variables of the digital experience. This is where our experience grew into conversion rate optimization, copy writing, social and display ad creative, website analytics, site speed improvements, email, SMS, data warehousing, and data science. We’ve never stopped learning in our pursuit of improvement for our clients. The saying remains true…if only we knew then, what we know now.

We have immense experience, but focus our efforts on the four buckets below.

Flywheel Advertising SErvices

Paid advertising

Business Operations Consulting

Data Science

Web Development

Industry-Specific Experience

The more we know about a specific industry, the more impact we’re able to make. Consumers interact with different businesses differently. The exhaustive list of keywords specific to an industry requires in-depth knowledge and context. How businesses differ in mobile varies significantly. While there are foundations of principles in marketing across industries and businesses, when dealing with a return on investment from marketing, every point matters.

Flywheel Case Studies

We’ve had many successes along the way. Don’t take our word for it though, read our case studies.

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