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Flywheel Advertising focuses on acquisition strategy, media buying, and development of web and software to create efficiencies of marketing and business operations. Our expertise is deeply rooted in paid advertising, conversion rate optimization, and marketing operations. Years of managing customer acquisition cost targets and scale required experience across every facet of running a business and not just marketing. Digging into more and more of what works and what doesn’t and why. As the demands of clients grew, we accepted the challenge to grow with them and continue to learn. What started with running ads and optimizing the performance of the websites that traffic sends into has grown to building data warehouses and integrating software to optimize holistic business processes and lower acquisition cost with end to end control of customer journey.

Flywheel provides full services and consulting, but what we’re really good at is understanding how your business operates and building digital support in order to streamline acquisition. Most businesses don’t need to do everything digitally, they instead need to understand how their business operates and apply technology where needed to create massive efficiencies. We’ve scaled marketing budgets from a quarter million a year to millions a month from our approach and are confident in our capabilities to do so over and over again..

WHo we are

We’re a small team of very experienced individuals located downtown Columbus, Ohio. We love Columbus because it’s a fast growing city and we have more and more neighbors to consult with for a variety of needs including print, video, branding, and design of which many we collaborate with for client needs that are not our expertise. THE Ohio State University is located in Columbus, OH and we gladly guest lecture courses for the Fisher College of Business for marketing, technology, and analytics. We’re fortunate to have a great relationship with the university and look to employ students as much as possible with internship or full-time positions. Columbus happens to also headquarter some of the largest financial, insurance, and consumer services companies nationally where we have a long history of experience although we work with clients nationally. It’s been nice to grow alongside some trusted resources here in Columbus where our clients locally and nationally can benefit from the collaborative network we have built.

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Industry-Specific Experience

The more we know about a specific industry, the more impact we’re able to make. Consumers interact with different businesses differently; the exhaustive list of keywords specific to an industry requires in-depth knowledge and context, will more customers book online or would they prefer to contact over the phone?, maybe a Facebook event drives more user engagement and actual sales in person than simply promoting a post..

Our experience has literally changed the business in many cases, which is why with every new client we spend a significant amount of upfront time to understand how your business operates to understand the uniqueness you bring to the table and use our experience to apply marketing and technology for true competitive advantages.

Case Studies

We’ve had many successes along the way. Don’t take our word for it though, read our case studies.

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