Case Study: Local Market Business

North Market: Location Growth Support

Flywheel Case Study

Business at Time of Engagement

The client has a single location that relies on customers visiting the location in person. Their website is built in WordPress and the mobile UX needs major improvements.

Requests from
the Client

The client engaged us to manage the promotion of their events locally.

Deliverables to Begin Relationship

Flywheel was tasked to manage event promotion through social channels via paid placements to target audiences.

Flywheel Learnings and Identified Needs

The brand presence and legacy of a local institution like North Market is so strong that consumers react very well to hearing news and learning of events at the market. An on-going event advertisement effort continues.

During our engagement, the North Market announced that they were opening a second location at Bridge Park in Dublin, OH. We worked with the North Market to identify the potential digital obstacles to have two locations which included different hours of operations, parking, merchants, news, and events. We helped identify how to manage two locations with social pages, website, email, contact requests, and more.

The Results

The continued event promotions have proven very effective to increase exposure and attendance to the events. Audiences have been curated to reach the target demographics and geographic regions responding best to interest and intent.

After a discussion on the second North Market location and our web development and design capabilities, we submitted a proposal and were awarded the new North Market website project.

Based on an understanding of the important questions, visitors to the North Market repeatedly ask and strong mobile presence from local search and social, we worked with our design team to present concepts that uphold the history of the North Market and adapt to the current consumer technologies and mediums. It was also important for the website to be easily maintained/updated by the North Market team following launch so we built in a training program on how to navigate and use their WordPress CMS while keeping our development team accessible for larger updates and changes needed.

Current Engagement

We continue to be great partners to the North Market in their advertising of the market, news, events and compliment their impact to Columbus and local businesses by always looking to best help their consumers reach, contact, and visit current and future locations.

Case Study Synopsis

This project was so much fun to work on and the deliverables were so clear even prior to the engagement because of our experience with North Market advertising and consumers. We understood the business and how it operates with consumers prior to a design process which informed what details need to be highlighted and how the user experience should flow to our design team. This development project followed the same foundation of all our development projects: there was a clear need for better user experience to the end consumer and complicated obstacles of the business growth to account for that identified a business purpose.

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