Case Study: Brick & Mortar Beauty Salon

Beauty business booms from customer contact strategy

Flywheel Case Study

Business at Time of Engagement

The client had a three page website on Squarespace, Google Analytics tracking, and limited ability to update the site as needed. They utilized a third-party software for their appointment booking and their digital marketing including paid search and social. 

Requests from
the Client

The client initially engaged us to take over the management of their paid search and paid social efforts.

Deliverables to Begin Relationship

Flywheel was initially tasked with only paid media management for Google Ads and Facebook Advertising.

Flywheel Learnings and Identified Needs

During the Flywheel Discovery phase of the engagement with the client we identified a major issue regarding the client’s website. The Google Analytics tracking and media conversion tracking was not being accurately reported due to it being incorrectly set up. Thus, the client was making business decisions based on inflated performance metrics, meaning they had very limited transparency to the actual performance of their digital advertising efforts. The third party software integrations added complexities in measurement and flexibility to change as well. It was clear we needed to do diligence in the foundation of this clients digital presence.

We continued to manage their media as we quickly corrected their analytics and conversion tracking issue, allowing us to correctly report on value actions and website interaction. The digital advertising campaigns were entirely restructured and segmented to allow for more control over quality and volume, allowing us to accurately understand and improve return from digital marketing efforts.


The Results

As the client continued to grow, we implemented a very successful new store launch acquisition strategy. Following this implementation, it became very clear the strategy needed applied to on-going marketing and customer acquisition. New store acquisition strategies led to a 300% increase in the number of contacts acquired from the same media budget due to reducing the cost per customer contact by 80%. Not only did the acquisition strategy change the cost per contact metrics, but it impacted the operations of the business. Customer communication and immediate rapport with the business increased significantly. Helping increase contact rate from the business in a way that increased customer confidence has ultimately increased sales and repeat sales.

The client’s trust in our processes continued to grow as we proved ourselves in the numbers. This led to numerous updates including, ad creative, audience targeting, and traffic platform budget allocation shifts. We began conversion rate optimization (CRO) by testing landing pages, leading us to identify an optimal structure that supported the customers preferred contact method. This led to testing the marketing messaging and finally a re-design and development of the entire website based on the acquisition strategies and contact methods identified.

Case Study Synopsis

Our experience and understanding of customer acquisition tactics, methods, mediums, rates, and costs led to a significantly improved customer experience for the business’ end customer while also improving visibility and efficiency to ROI. The growth of the engagement was not identified until learning and growing with our client. Once we understood the existing ecosystem of the business operations and customer experience, we were able to leverage our experience in acquisition strategy and development to execute, allowing the business to more accurately project, budget, and grow their business.

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