Case Study: Direct to Consumer Health Insurance

Insurance brokerage utilizing call center to sell direct to consumer

Flywheel Case Study

Business at Time of Engagement

The client has a simple WordPress website that integrates with their CRM. Google Analytics is being used, but the tracking system for leads and phone calls is static. Paid search is running on Google Ads.

Requests from
the Client

The client engaged us to take over their Google Ads efforts and increase the volume of inbound leads and phone calls.

Deliverables to Begin Relationship

Flywheel was initially tasked with only paid media management for Google Ads.

Flywheel Learnings and Identified Needs

During the Flywheel Discovery phase of the engagement, we found that the Google campaigns were running decently, but the volume within the available market was severely limited. We also found that the tracking was static, meaning that the desired volume the client wanted to achieve would prove cumbersome when it came to tracking. Finally, we found that the opportunity for growth wasn’t just limited to Google, but was applicable to Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Display Ads, YouTube, Gmail, and more.

The Results

We immediately took over the client’s paid media account on Google and restructured it to efficiently increase the volume and scale the business. As GoogleAd spend continued to increase and deliver sales at desired acquisition costs, we identified limitations in the structure of the website tracking. We needed a more dynamic solution to account for multiple sources of tracking without additional website development and also optimize the current conversion rates effectively by consolidating the user experience and improving the testing environment and site speed.

After dynamic tracking was implemented, we expanded to multiple traffic platforms to further scape the business over the next 12 months. The tracking strategy continued to prove cumbersome in reporting across teams, so our team dove into automation via APIs to report from media platforms and alleviate days of manual processing.

We took a deep dive into the optimization of landing pages and contact information collection to improve lead and sale cost, which resulted in 10x growth of media spec with a 25% reduction in cost per sale (not just cost per contact).

Current Engagement

Sustainable growth for over two years at this point has led to significant developments in tech infrastructure to manage and continue growth. Our team built the scalable data warehouse from scratch and with our addition of a data scientist to the Flywheel team, allowed for the reduction of manual reporting on both Flywheel and our client’s teams equal to two full-time positions. Those roles hours have not been cut, they have been reinvested into operations and analysis aligning with the position previously.

We’ve grown 3x further following the 10x point in a total combined 27 months. We’re currently investing our time into contact methods and sequencing across mediums of a single customers contact journey to improve contact rates and close rates informed from analysis of the time of day, day of the week, the number of attempts, time to contact, the medium of contact based on acquisition source and customer data collected.

Case Study Synopsis

We’ve learned and have grown a lot in this situation. We were asked to, and allowed the opportunity to, push the limits to see how good we can be. At each step, we continue to look inwards at how we can improve and objectively look at projects, processes, technology, and our team and vendor capabilities. Our foundation of processes has grown. Our application to other industries has grown. Our team has grown. 

We look at acquisition in the thick lens of experience, trial, and error from this relationship and in application to other clients and other industries, we’ve continued to prove our success.

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