Case Study: Lawn Care

Lawn care and home service lead generation

Flywheel Case Study

Business at Time of Engagement

The client has a franchise model with over 100 regions serviced across the United States. They were running paid media on Google and Bing search engines.

Requests from
the Client

The client engaged us to take over the media management to drive the growth of lead generation at maintained costs, nationwide, during their busiest season.

Deliverables to Begin Relationship

Flywheel was tasked with managing the media on Google, Bing, and YouTube.

Flywheel Learnings and Identified Needs

During the Flywheel Discovery phase of the engagement, we learned that the reporting was very manual and cumbersome, which resulted in slower changes and optimizations from the agency and slower reactions to the performance from the client. Furthermore, we identified that the big strategies on Google were set for automated bidding, making management of demand and performance difficult during their peak season, which drives 80% of their revenue in up to 8 weeks of the year.

Communication and operations at the time we took over the account was fragmented and siloed, creating an inefficient environment to manage and serve the client’s needs timely and effectively.

The Results

The cost per contact through the busy season was maintained while the volume of contacts increased through the end of the season. The shift in bidding strategies led to more control of keyword bids, traffic cost, and budget sped allocation across the large scale campaign.

In order to maintain lead and contact costs and increase the volume, the campaign segmentation of services, locations, and purchase intent was restructured in a single location to test and then rolled out, nationwide, to all locations in order of priority of highest volume to lowest. We expanded the negative keyword lists and embedded negatives were applied and updated continuously to improve the quality of traffic and control of campaign keyword traffic.

Finally, we created an automated reporting dashboard to manage budget pacing and performance metrics across teams. Given budget adjustments across 100+ campaigns and fast pacing mid-season, real-time reporting links accessible anytime and always up to date were crucial to managing operations and expectations across client and agency teams.

Case Study Synopsis

Accepting this opportunity was a known challenge for both understanding the current operation that existed between the agency partner and the client, the reporting needs, and bandwidth to manage effectively. Flywheel’s emphasis on processes and procedures to create efficient communication lines and expectations between our team and clients was the biggest benefit we brought aside from years of experience in the Lawn Care and Lawn Service lead generation vertical that allowed us to know the ins and outs of keywords and lead cost targets before looking into performance.

We effectively bridged the lines of communication to better serve a high volume of client requests in their peak season and track all tasks to assure timely execution. This freed up time on both client and agency sides. Creating automated, always up to date, real-time reporting gave transparency to help make quick adjustments. Since we already had the operational structure to execute those changes, we could manage the volume of requests and improve performance with far less headache for us and our client.

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