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Marketing Operations Services

We provide a variety of services that we can execute, like media buys, but more often than not we provide a service in helping the business operate and plan growth with and/or supporting marketing. We look for operational efficiencies a business can benefit from that support growth and how to prioritize the steps to building a business that efficiency can acquire customers. Most of the time it’s not just the marketing that drives growth, but how a business handles customers and how people within the business operate together. Working on both leads to exceptional results and we have the proven experience to grow your business.

Operations Structure

We don’t just deliver qualified leads to your sales team, we can help your sales team improve their close rates of those leads. Online leads are not all created equal. There is different intent from referrals to inbound calls to cold leads. Time to contact and contact rate matter and understanding the intent to mold sales scripts is crucial. Our experience ranges from a single admin following up, to managing the entire inbound lead flow for call centers of 100+ sales agents.

Lead Management

When you have multiple sources of inbound business opportunities, you need to be able to organize, prioritize, and communicate with each source, respectively. Managing the customer communication and intent from a marketing campaign is essential to understanding the follow-up process. We are experts in lead management, scoring, and communication technologies to efficiently and effectively work your sales opportunity through your sales process.

Planning & Forecasting

When you plan infrastructure and marketing campaigns for your business, you have expectations for return on those investments. Most of the time we find these expectations are one dimensional. Meaning, the efforts to execute the infrastructure aren’t well aligned across revenue sources or expenses across other words, let’s find ways to drive a return or positive impact across many areas of your business from each unique marketing effort. Our executive experience combined with marketing experience supports efficient growth and investments.

Marketing Operations Experience

Direct-to-Consumer Insurance

We were asked to and allowed the opportunity to push the limits to see how good we can be. At each step, we continue to point the finger inwards at how we can improve and objectively look at projects, processes, technology, and our team and vendor capabilities. Our foundation of processes has grown. Our application to other industries has grown. Our team has grown. 

Brick and Mortar Salon

Our experience and understanding of customer acquisition tactics led to a significantly improved customer experience for the business’ end customer while also improving visibility to ROI metrics and the ROI metrics themselves. Once we understood the existing ecosystem of the business operations and customer experience, we were able to leverage our experience in acquisition tactics and development to execute, allowing the business to more accurately project, budget, and grow their business nationally.

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